Ocha, short for Orisha, meaning spirit or deity in the Yoruba religion of Ifa. Like the name there’s spirit and soul in the music of Ocha Records.  Carlos Mena (Casamena) started the label after a meeting with Osunlade (Yoruba Records) in May 2005 at the Winter Music Conference (WMC) and his suggestion to do it.  Carlos felt a need to release music across many genres including house, but also hip-hop, soul, jazz & funk and help give those artists the exposure they deserve.

Ocha Records has released tracks and remixes by artists such as Osunlade, Ezel,  Boddhi Satva, Abicah Soul Project, Charles Spencer, AtjazzNomumbah, Manoo and Bah Samba. They are supported with great feedback from djs and producers from all over the world.

Ocha Records has recently focused on album related projects like Tamara Wellon’s album ” Life is ” released late 2008. Currently Ocha are preparing to release Mzee’s album as well as Ezel’s debut album. Future Ocha Records projects include DJ Mtshepang’s debut, Michael Spiro & Carlos Mena’s “Afro-Cuban Bata Experiment” and new album from Carlos Mena.

Ocha Records is also branching out with the upcoming launch of Ocha Mzansi, a sub-label focused on sharing the best of South African House music with the world.

Contact us at ocharecords at gmail dot com