Interview with Paso Doble

We love our extended family and all they do, not just for Ocha Records but for House music culture in general.  Deborah Conton is one of those beautiful souls who represents for the new generation of House lovers.  Recently she took some time to interview one of our newest artists, Paso Doble, who’s debut on Ocha Records, “Majestic” garnered a lot of praise this Spring and returns this Summer with a Remix EP which includes some of House’s best producers, Osunlade, Ezel and Sobz.



Deborah: Whereabouts are you from?

Paso: I hail from Northern Africa ( Oran, Algeria), but I reside in Montreal now.

Deborah: What are some events have you done thus far?

Paso: I usually travel about 40 days out of the year. From NYC to Italy. I really truly enjoy it and really thankful for the opportunities that have been bestowed upon me.

Deborah: For those who may not know your sound or for the discerning ear, what would be a way to describe your sound?

Paso: I Love Your Question. Many of my friends do not listen to the music that I create. When they think of House, the mainstream stuff like, David Guetta or Swedish House Mafia pops into their head. Whenever we are driving about, I play some of my music and slowly, but surely, they enjoy it. I would say my sound is Afro-infused, yet deep. I draw inspiration from Osunlade, Carlos Mena, Ian Friday, Lou Gorbea, Oscar P and so many others. This is the sound that comes from these individuals.

Deborah: So your track on the Ocha Records label has received rave reviews. Majestic is slated to have more releases this summer. What was the concept behind the track?

Paso: When I head the instrumental, I thought of Zano out of South Africa. This individual has worked with the likes of Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. We both talked up the title for this song. His voice is infectious and yet gives it the rawness, which is heard on the track. After he laid the vocals, BOOM! The track was created. I was fully satisfied with the results. He was pleased with the results as well.

Deborah: So do you plan to be in South Africa soon now that your sound has come to the forefront of the movement there?

Paso: For now, no. However, if it does happen, Kenya and South Africa will DEFINITELY be on the list.

Deborah: It is a beautiful track, indeed. I have also seen that you have worked with Atlanta’s own, Miranda Nicole. How did that come about?

Paso: Ahhh yes! The upcoming release is on DJ Spen’s label, Quantize Recordings called Get Me Over. Asked her to collaborate with me on this song and she accepted the offer. Always been a fan of her voice, so it was only just to cut a beautiful track as such with her. The final result was nothing but amazing! The full EP is going to be released in April.

Deborah: Are you doing any promo tours this year?

Paso: Yes I am. I will be in the following cities/countries this year: The United States, Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Athens, Santorini, Larisa, Lamia, Kastoria, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Volus.

Deborah: So how long have you had your record label and what are some of the artists you have collaborated with?

Paso: I formed Melomania records in 2011. Still youthful in its tenure, but I have had more than 30 releases thus far.

Deborah: Thank you so much for your time and energy into what you do.

Paso: You are welcome and Thank You!

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